Planning and Scheduling

When a project plan is organized by workflow and represented in a graphical Gantt chart, this document is called a schedule of the project plan. The producer is called a planner scheduler. When a professional combines three or more project management roles during project performance, then s/he is referred to function in project controls.

Depending on job specific technical background, the professional can also be called a planning engineer, project control analyst, and project controls manager.

What industries typically employ?

Every industry whose output (products or services) are delivered through projects has the potential to employ. The need for this role is largely dependent on the organization, projects sizes and complexities.

Most common are organizations that primarily do or administer projects; such as Public Institutions, Financial Instructions, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Aerospace, IT, Resource Agencies and Management Consulting Firms.

Why is there opportunity in the field now?

In modern times, projects are getting strategically robust; project managers prefers to do cost, risk, quality, Health & Safety, Human resource, Procurement, Communication but not too many want to do Time management.

There is a widening GAP between knowledge of time management and its application. Many have general capability in one or the other but not both combined.

What is the range of compensation? From entry level and up

An entry level can expect $55 - $70K annum
Mid-level can expect between $70 - $90K annum
Senior can expect between $90 - $110K annum
Lead $110 - $150K annum

What is included in this course package?

This course has been designed to bridge the GAP and to prepare those with potentials to engage the job market with the necessary skills.

It will be a 5 consecutive Saturdays program, 6 hours per day excluding breaks total 30 hours
We will provide a lecture book, a workbook and a software manual
There will be resume and interview advice
On the Job support is available and optional (but not included in the package)


Project Planners and Schedulers
Construction Claims Analysts
Business Analysts; (Law, and Business and Finance background need the prerequisite)
Functional Managers
Looking for Career change

Suggested Prerequisite

Knowledge of project management principles
PMP is not necessary, will be an advantage

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