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Every investment choices are driven by unique business strategies. Organizational maturity predictably, will impact upon all operational processes and the bottom-line. In line with these statements therefore, every business cultures have iterative tendencies to influence services offered and their mode of delivery.

Organisations and organizational strategies for growth are focused and complex. This is why we have developed a range of expertise with the breadth and depth to cover peculiar areas of construction cost management, capital project planning of infrastructure and facility service delivery, with flexibility to adapt and improve specific requirement at every stage of the project life cycle.

This unequivocally implies that the solutions we develop are Client focused and are based on a deep understanding of the overall objectives; that gives Arated Building Consulting the perspective to recognise the opportunities that will generate a greater advantage for the Client’s purposes.

Quantity Surveying

Quality SurveyingArated Consulting understands that cost management (quantity surveying) is central to the integrated design process. By applying our extensive experience, we can help our clients to achieve the maximum return on their investment.

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It is very important that bills of quantities are prepared according to a standard, and widely recognised methodology. This helps avoid any ambiguities or misunderstandings and so helps avoid disputes arising through different interpretations of what has been priced.

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Arated Building Consulting specializes in construction and engineering cost estimating. Our estimators provide detailed quantity takeoffs and pricing from project conception phase through to closeout.

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Before committing funds and time to a proposed development, a construction project client will want to be assured that any risks impacting upon the construction process are identified and addressed from the outset.

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Ensuring the final account on a project is agreed in a timely and professional manner is vital. We understand this requires focus from the project team at a time when members are moving on to new schemes.

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Value engineering is a systematic approach to reviewing a project. It looks critically at the design proposals to analyse both the form and function of a construction scheme.

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An appropriate procurement strategy must be based on complete Client Briefing, for an appropriate project team selection. Arated Building Consulting has the knowledge and understanding of the benefits peculiar to various procurement alternatives.

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Project Control

Project ControlAs the monetary basis of contract pricing agreement, accurate construction estimates are often the essential factor of a project success. Whether you seek value-added construction estimates for your current project or you simply desire validation of a selected bid before entering into contract, our professionals have the experience to help you make the right decision.

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Cash flow can make a significant difference to the finance costs of a project. We can forecast cash flow accurately at an early stage in a project cycle, to assist financier and clients make decisions.

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Projects do not always go as planned; this tells the reality story of our industry. Therefore impacting circumstances to project objectives needs to be communicated to keep the Client’s risk profile on check.

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To control the costs of specific types of engineering project effectively, you may need to involve a cost consultant throughout from concept to completion. Arated Consulting offers professional experience in this area.

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Arated Building Consulting specializes in providing Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and project controls. Our CPM scheduling and project controls consultants are experienced in developing, analyzing, updating and ...

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Arated Building Consulting utilizes earned value management (EVM) systems to critique and measure a contractor’s forward progress. As a project integration management focal point, our EVM system can assist client to monitor and report on project/program performance.

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Primary focus of this service is to provide avenue for trained professionals and impending professionals who are seeking employment as; project controls specialist, planner scheduler, planning engineer, cost controller, and earned value manager.

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Commercial Management

Commercial ManagementWe offer a full variety of building consultation services for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) and multiple residential buildings; Asset renewal, expert witness, building investigation and commercial asset management.


A lender needs to remain guarded to minimize the risk involved in providing construction financing. At Arated Building Consulting, we know firsthand that the complexity, risk, and expense of today’s construction market demands proficiency.

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Infrastructure development and maintenance is lifetime process that requires long and short term planning. The expected magnitude to implement per time has to be qualified by time and expenditures.

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We assist lenders in protecting their security when a project appears to be, or is “in distress”.

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We help our clients to balance capital expenditure and running costs to achieve a minimum net present value (NPV) consistent with the provision of liveable space and services to the standards required.

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A Reserve Study is a long-range financial planning tool that identifies the current status of the owners' reserve fund and recommends a stable and equitable funding plan to offset the costs of anticipated future major expenditures

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